Create Email Templates in Gmail

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I wanted to show you how to create email templates or canned responses inside of your Gmail accounts. And it’s a straightforward process, but you do have to turn it on. First, it’s not there by default, so go ahead and log in to the Gmail account where you want to create this, and I’ll show you a couple of useful options why you would use something like this in a second.

Go to this gear icon. It doesn’t matter which tab you’re on. In your settings — click it & go to settings — that’s the option you want to go to. Go to this tab called advanced, and there’s a bunch of Advanced Options here. Check the word called templates. Look for that one, and you need to turn this on if it’s disabled.

Save the Changes. Now that it refreshed the page for us let’s go ahead and compose an email, and I’ll show you where that setting will show up. Here I’m going to go ahead and draft the email that I want to save as a canned response or save as a template. Maybe I want to send this to many people. In this case, I do like to send this to multiple people. So type out the email that you want to send to multiple different people, three, and then we’ll save it as a template. Press the three dots on the bottom of the page. There’s this new option called templates. Now, this won’t be available if you don’t turn it on in the settings.

Save the draft as a template and save it as a new template. Now let me show you I was to compose another email campaign or email marketing again. Nothing is here. Let’s go-to templates, and now I have that template, so if I insert that template, everything including the subject line will appear in my signature, and everything else I added to that template will show up like this, and if this was a canned response meaning if we just responded to someone else I’ll press reply here and here again the three lines templates that can response here this could be a response that was a drafted message to send out and not to reply, but the reply could have been thanking you so much for replying to my email, and I could have used that as a canned response

Create Email Templates in Gmail
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