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Whether you’re an industry-leading enterprise or you desire to be one, enterprise SEO is the way to go.

Top Tier Ranking with Enterprise SEO

Getting to the top and staying at the top of your industry both involve one thing: high-quality enterprise SEO that secures your authority position.


$1500 $1200
  • Site Usability Analysis
  • Market trend Research
  • Product Demand Analysis
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Backlink Profile history Analysis
  • 2020 Google Quality Compliance Audit
  • Social Metrics Benchmark
  • Site Architecture Optimization Plan
  • Advanced On page Optimization Plan
  • Off page Optimization strategy
  • Social media Marketing plan
  • Content development process
  • Keyword Proximity Balancing Plan
  • Inbound Marketing Plan
  • Title Tag Optimization for Pages
  • Compelling Meta Descriptions
  • Perfectly optimized Meta keywords
  • Dublincore meta data management
  • Domain, IP, URL Canonicalization
  • 301 Redirect via .htaccess
  • 404 Page optimization strategy
  • Keyword Density Management
  • Inbound Link Structure Optimization
  • Outbound link Policy Management
  • Image Title,ALT and Caption
  • Proper Anchor text management
  • Html,XML,ROR Sitemap Installation
  • Google analytics conversion Goals
  • SEF URL Rewriting and Optimization
  • Proper content Title management
  • Creative Copy writing for Homepage
  • Visual,Rich Content Optimization
  • Perfect Call-To-Action Strategies
  • Site Navigation hierarchy Management
  • SEF Pagination structure management
  • W3C XHTML/CSS markup Validation
  • Fix Broken links , Crawling issues
  • Mobile Responsive management
  • Site Loading speed optimization
  • Robots.txt file re-engineering
  • CSS,JS minification , code cleanup
  • Server side optimization via .htaccess
  • Google schema markup validation
  • Microformats Semantic markup
  • NAP markup & KML file installation
  • Google Authorship markup installation
  • Opengraph,Twitter hCard markup
  • Google Webmaster tool Validation
  • Bing,Yaindex Webmaster Validation
  • Google Analytics,Piwik Installation
  • Sitemap,Robots.txt crawl validation
  • Text contents quality analysis
  • Page index ratio management
  • Text Links from content sharing sites
  • Link Acquisition via Content Publishing
  • Authority Backlinks from news sites
  • Quality links from Trusted Social sites
  • Links from Documents sharing sites
  • One way links from Review directories
  • Brand mention links from infographics
  • Commercial keyword contextual links
  • Authority links from HARO Strategies
  • RSS and Niche Relationship Links
  • High DA Links from Authorship Profiles
  • Awareness Link Acquisition via Web2.0
  • Popular Business directory listing
  • Maximum Five Keywords Allowed
  • Maximum Five Subpages Allowed

All the above-mentioned tasks will be carried out by certified in-house staff members.

All the above-mentioned tasks will be carried out by certified in-house staff members.

eCommerce Pro

$3899 $3150
  • Brand Reputation Benchmark
  • Product Market Trend Analysis
  • Traffic,Conversion Rate Audit
  • Keywords, Competitors Research
  • Site Architecture, Usability Audit
  • Technical Structure Benchmark
  • 2020 Search Engine Compliance Audit
  • Social Media Popularity Analysis
  • Site Architecture Optimization Plan
  • Shopping Cart Conversion Goals
  • Social Media Optimization Plan
  • Landing Page , Visual Strategies
  • Re-targeting and Traffic Generation
  • Advanced Onpage Optimization Plan
  • Local SEO and Link Acquisition Plan
  • Conversion Rate optimization Plan
  • SEF Title,Description, Keywords
  • SEF URL Rewrite for Product Pages
  • SEF Product Titles,Description,tags
  • Product Pages,Catalog optimization
  • URL,Domain,IP Canonicalization
  • Video,Visual Content Integration
  • keyword consistency Management
  • Google Rich Schema Integration
  • FAQ,Product Details Copy writing
  • Broken Links, 404 Page optimization
  • 301 URL Redirection for Domain
  • Inbound Link Structure Management
  • 6 x Advanced Sitemap Installation
  • GA,Kissmetrics,Optimizely Integration
  • Header Menu Structure Management
  • Long Tail Keyword Rich Call-To-Action
  • Video , Visual Rich media Integration
  • SEF Product , Category Pagination
  • Geo , NAP and Hreflang Structure
  • Creative writing for Pages , products
  • Semantic site Architecture compliance
  • FAQ, Knowledge base Management
  • Blog Setup and Optimization for Users
  • OG, hCard, G+, Pinterest Authorship
  • Strategy for Responsive user Interface
  • Browser Compatibility Re-architecture
  • Custom 404 Conversion Friendly Page
  • Print Friendly Catalog page Structure
  • W3C XHTML , CSS Validation
  • Google Schema markup Validation
  • Fix 301, 302 Internal broken links
  • Advanced Robots.txt Re-engineering
  • Page Loading Speed Optimization
  • Server Side performance Tweaks
  • Code cleanup and Optimization
  • Social media Profile Integration
  • QR Code and Foursquare Widgets
  • Local Listing , Citation Optimization
  • Online Brand Reputation development
  • Contextual Link Acquisition via Reviews
  • User Generated Contents Reference
  • Link Acquisition from Edu,Gov Blogs
  • Featured Contextual Links from Blogs
  • Reference based Local Directory Links
  • Awareness Content Reference Links
  • Contextual Links from Blog Mentions
  • Relationship Level Social Media Links
  • Contextual Links via Content Marketing
  • Brand mention links from infographics
  • Premium PR Reference Link Source
  • Authorship Level Profile Backlinks
  • Mobilegeddon Compliance Strategies
  • Maximum Fifteen Keywords Allowed
  • Maximum Twenty Subpages Allowed

All the above-mentioned tasks will be carried out by certified in-house staff members.

Ava 3, The Creative Web Team

Watch Your Business Grow with Enterprise SEO

Thanks to the internet, conducting business on a global scale has never been easier. If you have a website, you’ve already done half of the work. The next step is to make sure that the right people – your target audience – can find your site easily. One of the best ways to do this is by utilising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics.

If you want to reach customers in different countries, you’re going to want to use tactics tailored to your website and content so that they are relevant to the people in each region you want to target.

Think Us Like Your Digital Marketing Partner

Google SEO Services

We provide a visible and effective search presence that leads to significant growth in sales, profitability, and cost-efficiency for our clients. Our outcome-oriented, milestone-based Search Engine Optimization plans help sites increase organic search drastically and compete for front page rankings in highly competitive niches.

Google Maps Marketing

Get found on Google Maps when potential customers search for products or services similar to yours. As Google also shows Google Maps listing in search results, featuring in the top Google Maps results not only attracts more eyeballs to your business but also increases local sales.

SEO By Industry

The companies that want to really move ahead on the ladder of success need to make the good use of the search engines and also need to have a robust web presence. At CCAS we are well aware of all these facts and thus are all too eager to help the people and the companies in creating a strong presence on the web and making the most judicious use of the search engines.

Facebook Advertisement

Promoting your business through Facebook ads is no more a hard attainable marketing goal, Facebook Advertising would be at your doorstep at very nominal cost. .

Google Adword Campaign

Being “the boss of all search engines”, needless to say Google enjoys the utmost popularity of the web visitors. To help you promote your products, services or business to your targeted customers over the web, Google offers its advertising programs to the businesses all over the world, which is popularly known as Google Adwords Campaign

Remove Bad Reviews

it is really important that the individuals and businesses should enjoy a good reputation in the online world. But it is not that easy to maintain an easy reputation in the online world. You need the help of the image makers or the reputation managers who can help you in creating and maintaining a good reputation in the world. The people who work with us are the ones with a lot of experience as well as the expertise to make sure that the reputation of the client is maintained at all costs. It is a well known fact that everybody loves to do business with the honest guys. Thus it is important to have a reputation that is all clean and clear.

“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.” — Neil Patel, Kissmetrics.com
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